The rising global demand for power is accompanied by an urgent need to reinforce existing power delivery systems and build new networks. As a leading provider of services in this field, Uniprotech works with its global clients to address this need with cost-effective, sustainable and customized solutions for high-voltage transmission infrastructure (up to 800 KV and HVDC expertise up to +/- 600 KV DC), including automation and telecommunication.

Building the most reliable solutions

We are recognized internationally for our award-winning power delivery designs and project delivery methodologies. Our vast international portfolio of new builds, refurbishments and extensions has given us in-depth knowledge of global regulatory and reliability requirements, end-user profiles and electricity needs. We combine this know-how with a collaborative and adaptive approach to meeting the needs of our clients, who include power delivery and power generation developers, owners and operators, governments and regulatory bodies, investors as well as oil and gas, mining and metallurgy sectors.

Bringing power wherever it is needed

We can design and build cutting-edge overhead and underground power lines over great distances and challenging terrains, including dense forest, permafrost, mountains, swampland and rivers. We also develop and implement effective measures to protect local species, preserve forests, and limit the impact of construction activities on landowner properties. By blending out-of-the-box thinking with practical and sustainable solutions, we help our clients deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable energy to support economic growth and quality of life around the world.

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